PICT0427Sharon Weizenbaum is the founder and director of White Pine Healing Arts and White Pine Institute.  Sharon began her study of Chinese medicine 30 years ago, graduating from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1983 and spending several years studying with acupuncturist, Kiiko Matsumoto.  After practicing for 7 years, Sharon traveled to live and study in Hangzhou, PRC in 1990.  while there she interned and studied with Dr. Qiu Xiaomei and Dr. Cheng Yufeng in gynecology and obstetrics at the Zhe Jiang college of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She also studied extensively with the gynecology doctor Zhu Shurong from Shanghai.  Upon returning from China, Sharon taught for 3 years at the Northwest Institute of Oriental Medicine in Seattle before returning to settle in Amherst, Massachusetts.  





The building that is now the White Pine Healing Arts clinic and institute was a broken down barn that Sharon renovated in 1998.  




PICT0004White Pine Healing Arts has now become a thriving clinic and an institute of advanced education in traditional Chinese medicine. It is here that Sharon teaches the Graduate Mentorship Program and other courses.  Other wonderful teachers come regularly to offer advanced courses in traditional Chinese medicine.   


Sharon has published many articles in various Chinese medicine journals and translates traditional Chinese medical writings from Chinese into English.  You can access some of these translations through the Topics in Chinese Medicine Blog.