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Working with Cancer Patients

A good percentage of my practice is with cancer patients.  Virtually all of these patients are seeing me in conjunction with their oncologist.  Over the 35 years I've been practising, I've developed a methodology that has been very beneficial for these patients.  I'll say a bit about my approach here, and hopefully, it will encourage practitioners to consider attending the two-day seminar I am teaching on this topic next month  in Chicago.  The Illinois Association for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is streaming the seminar live for those far away from the windy city. In my early years, I practised completely differently than I do now.  My initial training was not in a Chinese medicine based on the classic text, Shang Han Lun, The Treatise of Damage from Cold.   I had been encouraged to treat diseases rather than patterns, and there was no lack of modern Chinese literature to tell me how to treat cancer.  There were long lists of herbs that had anti-neoplastic properties and methods for dissolving tumours.  It took years for me to really understand that my poor results were not due to a limit in Chinese medicine or my lack of applying my study.  The problem was that the paradigm I had been taught and was working with was not appropriate for my work with cancer patients. [...]

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Teeny Tiny: Chi Xiao Dou Dang Gui San

It's been a while since we've had a teeny tiny formula post. I am writing today about a favorite of mine, one that really packs some power: Chi Xiao Dou Dang Gui San. This formula is written about in two places in the Jin Gui Yao Lue. Firstly it is in Chapter 3 on Pulses, Patterns and Treatment of Bai He (Lilly) Disease, Hu Huo Disease and Yin Yang Toxin Disease. Line thirteen says: "The patient has rapid pulses, no fever, slight vexation, reticent but with a desire to lay down, and sweating. Three or four days after the initial onset, the eyes are red as those of a turtle dove. After seven or eight days, the four corners of the eyes turn dark. If the patient is able to eat, this indicates that pus has developed. Chi Xiao Dou Dang Gui San is indicated." Secondly, it is in chapter 16: Pulses, Patterns and Treatment of Fright palpitations, Purgation of Blood, Fullness in the Chest and Static Blood where line 16 says: "With bleeding in the bowel, first there is bleeding followed by defecation. This is called proximal bleeding. Chi Xiao Dou Dang Gui San is indicated." Ah, the Jin Gui text.....it can be difficult to determine how to use a formula in the clinic well with just these lines [...]

E Zhu and San Leng

I'm so glad to have the website launched so I can get back to the business of talking about Chinese medicine in this blog!   About six years ago, I wrote a blog post about E Zhu and San Leng.  Over time, I've only come to appreciate these herbs more and more.  Recently I treated a woman who had a history of severe dysmenorrhea since menarche.  This was the kind of painful menstruation that leaves a woman unable to function.  In cases of severe dysmenorrhea, I always ask if there are any meat-like or tissue-like clots in the menstruate.  I also ask if there is relief of pain upon discharging one of these clots.  In her case the answer was yes to both of these questions.  This was a clear case of membranous dysmenorrhea.  She did not have any craving for warmth or aversion to cold related to her menstruation. Typically she would start to have pain and water retention starting a week and a half before her menstruation.   2 weeks before the start of her menstruation I gave her a formula to vitalize the blood, disolve masses and stop pain.  The formula included E Zhu and San Leng as well as Xu Duan to direct the formula to her uterus.  There were no herbs to disinhibit water.  When I [...]

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Thank you!

Hello friends,

I've been working hard to create the new White Pine website. It has now been launched! This means that registration is open for the 2018 Graduate Mentorship Program.  The new program will take place through a learning management system called Canvas. I am just so excited by the possibilities that this new platform offers. It is user-friendly and rich with interactive content. You'll be hearing more about the new course so stay tuned.

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Treating Periodic Issues with Xiao Chai Hu Tang

whenever you see of liver gallbladder Qi failing to rise and express or you see that Yin and Yang are unable to flow together and connect AND the symptoms show up in successive and regular periods, this can be treated with Xiao Chai Hu Tang with very good results.

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Unpacking Gui Zhi Tang: Gui Zhi Gan Cao Tang

With an eye for this, you may notice patients that put their hands on their chests during your time with them. I've had patients tell me that they always fall asleep with their hands on their chests or that they love for their partner to place their hands on their chest.

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