Healing Wounds

I just returned from teaching in Seattle.  During the class we discussed the use of Bai Ji Bletilla Rhizoma as an herb that not only helps wounds knit, but also clears out the old and rotten.  In a previous blog entry we saw Bai Ji being used in Dr. Qiu Xiaomei’s formula Supplementing Certainty where she described its function as follows: Bai Ji Rhizoma Bletillae Striata is astringent and can cause closure. It also has the ability to rid the rotten, drive out the congealed and generate the new. She is referring to what happens when the placenta begins to separate from the wall of the uterus.  The surface of both the uterus and placenta start to dry and congeal.  This is the rotten she is speaking of.  In addition, the rotten Bai Ji helps to rid can also refer to pus and gook that is in the open space of wounds.  Bai Ji helps to clear this so that fresh surfaces remain that can re-adhere to each other. […]