A Match to the Heart

In the last blog entry I introduced the book Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth.  That being a text on the Earth element, this next book is a text of the Fire element.  I know I promised fiction and that is coming…… If you have never read anything by Gretel Ehrlich, you are in for a delicious encounter.  Gretel was already a luminous nature writer when she wrote books such as Islands, the Universe, Home and The Solace of Open Spaces Then one day, up in the mountains hiking with her two dogs, (something I can relate to though I am usually with 3 or 4 dogs) she was struck by lightening. In her memoir A Match to the Heart: One Woman’s Story of Being Struck By Lightning she recounts the experience, often with great attention to the minute details of the sensual experience of being in an electrocuted body. She writes: An intake of breath is not just oxygen, a pulse is not just the rush of blood but also the taking in of divinity through an orifice, and as it moves through, it become s a spark.  To be inspired is to have accepted spirit in the lungs and heart, to watch it circulate through miles of blood vessels and capillaries whose tiny fenestrations allow oxygen, nutrients, [...]

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Recommended Books

I like to read.  Like all serious students of Chinese medicine, my bedside table supports a stack of Chinese medical texts - right now Chip Chace's An Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Acupuncture, Alchemy, and Herbal Medicine with an issue of The Lantern.  However, I do like to read other types of liturature, both fiction and non-fiction.  Some of these books, though not explicitly about Chinese medicine, are actually expressive of some of the most foundational principles of Chinese medicine.  I have found some to be illuminating and inspiring.  I thought a blog entry about some of my favorites might be interesting to the readers. A favorite of mine is Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth This wonderful book by William Bryant Logan is, as you might guess, all about dirt.  It is also all about the Earth element and the function of the Spleen and Stomach.  Reading this text you will see how Fire interacts with Earth, how Earth controls and directs Water and the relationship of Earth to the heavenly skies and the essence of life.  It is as if Mr. Logan studied human physiology except that the body he describes is the body of the Earth.  You will finish this text with an ability to take a walk in the woods or on the oceanside and see [...]

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