Field Research: Da Nai Nai Cao (special April 1st entry)

Can an herb actually improve a patient's luck or Karma?  Let's take a look at the amazing Giant Milky Milk Weed..... 大奶奶草 This past autumn I had the chance to do some fascinating field research in Chinese herbology.  This is a picture of me climbing the giant milk weed near the shores of the Quabbin reservoir.  Treacherous as this work is so worth it. The Quabbin reservoir in Western Massachusetts provides water to the entire Boston area.  It was built in the 1930's during which five towns were demolished and submerged. Here is a picture of the town of Enfield before it was flooded for the reservoir:   Rumor has it that this area is haunted by the sprits of these old lost towns.  During my research, I set out to discover if this was true. I hiked into what used to be the western side of the toown of Dana there there are old foundations and roads that travel eerily into the depth of the water.  It is only in this ghost town and a sister three-gorges-dam ghost town in China that one can find the Da Nai Nai Cao - Giant Milky Milk Weed.  I did find some of this plant in what used to be the town of Dana.  It is quite magnificent though dangerous to [...]

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