Da Qing Long Tang to Treat Beng Lou

As a follow-up to my last blog entry, I thought I would share another “cool” case in which there is heavy bleeding due to heat. If you’d like to know more about how to very successfully treat bleeding disorders – here’s another reminder that I will be teaching a two-day course on this topic January 7th and 8th of this year.  This course is streamed live so you can take it from anywhere.  For more information on this course click here. As I wrote in the last entry, excess heat is almost always the body’s own physiological warmth building up due to blockage. This blockage can take place in all sorts of places which means we have to have a wide variety of methods so that we can accurately address the correct location of the block.  In the last entry, the blockage was at the Shao Yang and the pressurized heat moved into the Jue Yin. […]

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What is Heat in the Blood Chamber?

Dr. Qíu Xiào-méi I recently gave a talk on Medigogy as a way to introduce the course I am giving in Vancouver in January on bleeding disorders in women. During the class a student/practitioner asked what I meant by “heat in the blood chamber” as a cause of bleeding.  So, I thought I would write a bit about this and share a couple of cases.  If you are interested in watching the 1 hour medigogy talk it is available here We all know that heat can induce the blood to run reckless.  However, because there are many reasons for heat to develop, there are many methods for clearing heat in order to stop bleeding. It is very important to differentiate the cause of the pathological heat so that the method hits the mark. In Dr. Qíu Xiào-méi’s case below, we can see that the patient was treated improperly with several clearing heat methods before the patient came to Dr. Qiu.  She recognized the cause of bleeding as heat in the blood chamber.  Once she did, a long term condition resolved quickly. I started with a case from my own practice to help illustrate this important concept. Before going to the cases let’s look at the patho-mechanisms of heat in the blood chamber as well as the key signs and symptoms for the [...]

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八綱 Bā Gāng: The Eight Guiding Principles – Once the key links are grasped, everything falls into place

This is a comic which tells of the importance of the Eight Guiding Prinicples.  The fisherman is exclaiming “Once the key links are grasped, everything falls into place”. When Dr. Fu Yan-Ling was here two weeks ago, one thing he said that stood out for me was “Dr. Liu Du-Zhou felt that the bā gāng, Eight Guiding Principles were extremely important”. Indeed, Dr. Fu, as an official successor of Dr. Liu, consistently steadied us throughout his teaching with these eight guiding principles. […]