Upcoming Classes and Diagnosis Presentations

This past winter I traveled to 6 cities to teach a class on understanding physiology through classic formulas.  The 7th and final city in which I am going to teach this course is the city of my birth, San Francisco. This class will be live and streamed this weekend, May 3-4, 2014.  This tour has been very successful with about 200 students being able to attend the course so far.  I hope some of you can attend! Recently I also taught two consecutive Medigogy webinars online.  You can view the first part  on diagnosis here.  The second part will be available very soon.  This is all in preparation for the upcoming Graduate Mentorship Program 2014 which starts May 23rd, 2014. You can see from this picture that we are all getting in shape for the course! Please contact me if you have any questions about any of these courses.    

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Engaging Vitality with Dan Bensky and Charles Chace

Hello Everybody,  This is a reminder about an exciting course that will be taking place at White Pine Institute in just under two months.  The course is: Engaging Vitality:  A Palpation Workshop for Effectively Working with Qi in the Clinic, with Chip Chase, Dan Bensky, and Marguerite Dinkins. Jack Radner is organizing the course, and you can read the blog that he wrote about the course here: Engaging Vitality: A Guest Post There was also an article in the latest issue of the Lantern by the same title, "Engaging Vitality, An approach to more effective engagement of qi" written by Dan Bensky and Charles Chase. The article is available for purchase on the Lantern's website, www.thelantern.com.au, and may be available through the White Pine Student Library Subscription. THERE ARE ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT IN THIS COURSE! So, if you are interested, the time to register is now! We're looking forward to seeing you in June.

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