How long will Dr. Feng video be available after class?

Dr. Feng will be teaching for 4 days in November.  This class will be live as well as live-streamed.  In addition, the class will be filmed and the video will be made available to participants for a full 5 months after the class. This is really a most amazing opportunity.  Dr. Feng's work clarifies and organizes the Shang Han Lun treatment strategies in the most helpful way I've yet to come across.  Of all the Classic Formula teachers I have studied with, and there have been quite a few, Feng Shi-Lun's methods have had the most positive impact on my clinical abilities to date.  Dr. Feng's interpreter is also a teacher in her own right and has a long term friendship and rapport with Dr. Feng which will add so much to the insight we gain and will make this weekend all the more fun. For more information and to register go to

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Tiny Formulas 3: Xiǎo Bàn Xià Jia Fú Líng Tāng

In this next formula, Xiǎo Bàn Xià Jia Fú Líng Tāng, Fú Líng is added to Xiǎo Bàn Xià Tāng. How does the presentation change when Fú Líng is added. Symptoms that appear in addition to the stomach rebellion symptoms are water rebellion symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, abdominal pulsations, inhibited urination and thirst without the desire to drink.

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