Growing Chinese Herbs Organically in the US

Hu zhang photo Sally Rappeport Guest Post by Sally Rappeport More frequently than ever before our patients express concerns about pesticides in the herbs we sell to them. As practitioners we need to both educate ourselves and support various efforts that counteract these concerns. In China, regulations are slowly emerging but perhaps not as quickly or as effectively as we might prefer. In the US, there are several farming endeavors that are being established around this country that are expanding the scope of possibility for us to choose where we source our herbs. More needs to happen, but as a practitioner who has been aware of these issues for 10 years, it is notable to see how much is in the ground at this time. Most significantly, these efforts will not be able to continue growing without our demand for the final products – the herbs. Harvesting Huang Bai Photo Jean Giblette Multiple issues are involved in growing Chinese herbs “locally”. We know that different herbs grow well in different types of soil, climate, and geography. The processing of the herbs is crucial to how we use them; and the medicinal properties can change depending on multiple factors. In addition, evaluation of the medicinal properties comes into question. There are a few experts in this country [...]

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