Awakening Authentic Presence Course

Last spring I graduate from a three-year program that is part of the 3-Doors Academy.   Marcy Vaughn is one of my teachers and mentors from that program.  I can’t tell you how beautiful and rich her presence is.  I am so pleased that she is coming to Massachusetts to teach this course.  These precious teachings have made a huge positive difference for me in my personal as well as professional life. So read on and let me know if you have any questions.  You can also read about this and register from this link. Awakening Authentic Presence: Meditations with Voice and Silence A 4-day residential meditation retreat with Marcy Vaughn February 4-7, (arrival and dinner, evening of February 3,  2016) The Center for Cultural Evolution 68 Van Nuys Road ~ Colrain, MA Resting our attention on the stillness of the body, inner silence, and the spaciousness of being, we connect with the source of healing and creativity within. Sitting in circle, in fellowship with other practitioners, you will be guided to enter and abide in the sacred architecture of the channels and chakras within your body. Resting your attention in each energetic center and journeying into that center with sound and silence, you are supported to release and rest, to allow your experience fully, and to honor any injuries that need tending. As [...]

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