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Treating Periodic Issues with Xiao Chai Hu Tang

whenever you see of liver gallbladder Qi failing to rise and express or you see that Yin and Yang are unable to flow together and connect AND the symptoms show up in successive and regular periods, this can be treated with Xiao Chai Hu Tang with very good results.

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Unpacking Gui Zhi Tang: Gui Zhi Gan Cao Tang

With an eye for this, you may notice patients that put their hands on their chests during your time with them. I've had patients tell me that they always fall asleep with their hands on their chests or that they love for their partner to place their hands on their chest.

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Teeny Tiny Formula: Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang

In this post I am sharing some brief discussion and 9 case studies by various doctors about Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang. There is quite a range of illnesses that can treated with this formula. It is an incredibly useful formula that I, again, use every clinic day.

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The Many Uses of Gui Zhi Tang

One can see that Zhang Zhong-Jing placed this formula at the head of the formulas for the masses. It is worthy of Ke Yun-Bo’s appellation that this is the “Chief formula for the masses.”

Essay on Rou Gui – Cinnamon Bark

If you wish to generate life, you must return the Yang. The returning the Yang method goes to the center of the Qi and blood, fostering the root of the body. If the Yang root is feeble, the children; water and wood, will be insufficient with nothing leftover.(These are the words of Huang Yuanyu 黄元御)

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