Hu Xi Shu

News Flash! Feng Shi-Lun is coming!

Profesor Feng Shi-Lun's approach to the classic formulas is extremely practical and helps us to mor precisely locate the level of our patient's pathology and to identify the correct formula and modifications. There is no doubt that practitioners will leave with enhanced clinical skills and effectiveness.

Feng Shi-Lun: Reeling the Silk and Unraveling the Cocoon

Dr. Feng's approach to the Shang Han Lun is very practical and systematic. The course is organized to go through each of the 6 levels in depth and the material is replete with case studies from Dr. Feng and Dr. Hu Xi-Shu, complete with discussions and explanations.

Introduction to the 10-Month Jing Fang Course

I am giving you a link to a short presentation that introduces the course, professor Feng Shi-Lun, a summary of his approach to classic formulas, the course content and an introduction to our wonderful team of translators who are working on the supplemental material for the course.

Historical and Theoretical Foundations of the Shang Han Lun

For professors Hu and Feng, Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang treats a half interior, half exterior Yin pattern because it treats upper heat with lower cold. This makes it primarily a Jue Yin formula along with Gan Cao Xie Xin Tang and Sheng Jiang Xie Xin Tang.

Hu Xi-Shu's Jing Fang approach to Asthma

The feeling of having seriously delved into a deep study and then having the pay off in the clinic - marked by a sense of direct understanding and the treatment being clearly and quickly effective - is just so good. Even addictive!

I discovered a great blog

Watch the Si Ni San Presentation! I recently discovered a new blog by a man named Eran Even from British Columbia, Canada.  It is primarily a case study blog with an emphasis on classic formulas.  I found it totally by accident.  It's a gem of a blog!  You can access it here. Eran is interested in many doctors.  He has done several excellent entries by one doctor in particular, Dr. Hu Xi-shu.  Coincidentally, Dr. Huang Huang mentioned Dr. Hu over the last weekend.  He was talking with us about Da Chai Hu Tang and how it can be combined with other formulas to treat bronchial asthma (only if there is strong abdominal pain on pressure).  One combination he mentioned was with Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan.  He told us that this combination, Da Chai Hu Tang and Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan was taught to him by none other than Dr. Hu Xi-shu!