Upcoming Classes and Diagnosis Presentations

This past winter I traveled to 6 cities to teach a class on understanding physiology through classic formulas.  The 7th and final city in which I am going to teach this course is the city of my birth, San Francisco. This class will be live and streamed this weekend, May 3-4, 2014.  This tour has been very successful with about 200 students being able to attend the course so far.  I hope some of you can attend! Recently I also taught two consecutive Medigogy webinars online.  You can view the first part  on diagnosis here.  The second part will be available very soon.  This is all in preparation for the upcoming Graduate Mentorship Program 2014 which starts May 23rd, 2014. You can see from this picture that we are all getting in shape for the course! Please contact me if you have any questions about any of these courses.    

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Key Sign for Gui Zhi Gan Cao Tang

You may think that you will not see patients who have excessive promotion of sweating but we should consider hot yoga and excessive exercising that many of our thin and weak patients take part in.

Classic Formula Course

There is a saying that there is a difference between a good herbal treatment and a correct herbal treatment. We all can work at a level in which our patients do well enough on the herbs we give them. However, when we have had the experience of stumbling upon a truly accurate herbal formula and seeing our patient’s complex issues resolve almost magically, we get a glimpse into the true power of Chinese herbal medicine.

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Third Installment: Thirst due to cold?

Explaining the Symptom with What We Know for Sure: One must have a good understanding of physiology in order to do this well. Hence, we see thirst as simply the subjective sensation of wanting fluids in the mouth and then let the rest of the diagnosis explain why this is happening.

Hu Xi-Shu's Jing Fang approach to Asthma

The feeling of having seriously delved into a deep study and then having the pay off in the clinic - marked by a sense of direct understanding and the treatment being clearly and quickly effective - is just so good. Even addictive!

Postpartum Care Continued…

In my clinic I have treated women who have contracted various illnesses, like fever, during the postpartum period. It is presupposed that one always differentially diagnoses in order to seek the cause and determines treatment upon examining the cause. At all times I pay attention to and give aid to the righteous Qi. Especially after the evil has retreated it is even more important to do such things as nourishing the blood and boosting the Qi, using banking up and supplementing methods.