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Ancient Ponies FarmAs part of the growing vision of White Pine Healing Arts, we are expanding to incorporate the principles of reciprocal healing into our relationship with the land. You can follow our activities through our blog, Landscape Life. On the 13 acres of Ancient Ponies Farm, rather than farming with the goal of taking out of it as much as we can get, we are setting our intention on giving back more than we’ve taken.

As we grow organic herbs for our clinic, we are working to improve the soil, encourage bees and butterflies, support endangered species, fertilize with the droppings of our own animals, power ourselves with solar energy.

The farm began as a neglected, run down, sandy-soiled heaven for invasives. Ancient cedar trees on the property were being choked by bittersweet and multiflora rose. Though we lost two trees, we have saved another ten. Two are now providing shade for our mushroom gardens. As I write, the dirt is being converted into rich soil by the earthworms (also a Chinese herb!) who have been made welcome by the layering of cardboard, compost and leaf mulch. In the spring we will be growing Schizandra, Nettles, White and Red Peony, Coltsfoot, Aster…and many other medicinal herbs.

The farm is the link between healing ourselves and the earth. There is no separation between the health of all beings.

Sharon Weizenbaum