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Welcome to the White Pine Institute

We are an educational institute dedicated to the advancement of Asian medical traditions. This site introduces you to publications and course offerings from some of the best teachers available. We offer graduate level training for Acupuncturists and Chinese Herbalist as well as other resources.

White Pine Institute periodically invites esteemed teachers from Asia and the United States to teach advanced skills. These teachers represent the teachers we ourselves love to study with because of the enormous benefit they have made to our own skill levels. Many of our courses are streamed live so that we can accommodate students around the world. We also film and edit many of our courses so students can benefit from them for years to come.

Sharon Weizenbaum is the founder of the White Pine Institute and the instructor for the Graduate Mentorship Program, Integrative Mandala Acupuncture and other seminars both local and around the country.

Thank you for visiting! Enjoy Browsing our Site.

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