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It’s all in the translation….Hidden attitudes toward women.

Amazing! According to this, post-menopausal women are sad and can’t communicate with heaven! Continue reading

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Bad Flu causes Scary Bleeding

This was an intense case in which the patient really did not want to go to the hospital. I had to both support this wish while making sure she was remaining safe. It is important to allow for the possibility that my skills may not be enough! I find it important to make agreements with patients in cases like this such as – after an agreed upon period of time or if symptoms get worse, they will go to the ER. Without this, I am not comfortable working with these kinds of crises. On the other hand, with this kind of clear communication, it is great to see what the herbs can do. Continue reading

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Placenta Encapsulation: A Traditional Chinese Medicine for Post-Partum Healing

My personal experience has been nearly 100% positive, with mothers reporting feeling strong, bleeding times shortened, milk supply coming in full, and an overall sense of well-being. The clearest evidence, though, has come to me from second-time mothers who report feeling so much stronger and in control, even with a toddler to run around after in addition to the newborn. The placenta can easily be combined with a customized herbal treatment to provide the mother with full post-partum recovery. Continue reading

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Debra Betts and Working with Pregnant Women

I used a point near Large Intestine 4 where there was an induration, Spleen 6 and Bladder 60. The next contraction was completely different than the previous ones. It was much more intense but the pressure had shifted to the perineum. Continue reading

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A Magical Experiential Formula from Dr. Qiu Xiao-Mei

A recent exchange with a student of mine inspired me to share information about one particular formula of hers. Check out the results!

This is just one example of her creativity and effectiveness. Her work is something to study and try to keep alive. Continue reading

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Postpartum Care Continued…

In my clinic I have treated women who have contracted various illnesses, like fever, during the postpartum period. It is presupposed that one always differentially diagnoses in order to seek the cause and determines treatment upon examining the cause. At all times I pay attention to and give aid to the righteous Qi. Especially after the evil has retreated it is even more important to do such things as nourishing the blood and boosting the Qi, using banking up and supplementing methods. Continue reading

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Chinese Herbs for Lactation

Recently a practitioner posted a query on our Chinese medicine egroup wondering about a patient who suffered from insufficient lactation. It gave me the idea to post some interesting and very helpful material for this type of thing. Anyone working … Continue reading

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Dysmenorrhea: Some final thoughts

The MOST important idea I want to convey to practitioners is to forget that your patient has dysmenorrhea! Yes, I mean it. Ignore the dysmenorrhea especially if it is the main complaint! Continue reading

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Membranous Dysmenorrhea/When to use E Zhu and San Leng

Little tidbits from experienced doctors can make all the difference in practice. Continue reading

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Dysmenorrhea: Cold Causes Pain

Think of a child swimming in cold water and how they start to shiver and develop blue-purple lips, fingers and toes. I have a small spring fed pond behind my clinic. The water is very cold all year round. If I dip my feet into it, within 2 minutes they start to ache. Cold causes blood stasis and this blood stasis causes pain. However, as soon as the child is warmed up, the lips, fingers and toes turn pink again! Continue reading

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