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What’s New Here?

I am calling it Ancient Ponies Farm, after my two Dales Ponies, Japser and Spencer, who will be gracing this farm with their presence soon. Continue reading

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What We Do When We Don’t Know How To Diagnose

This has been my area of study since I first really got it back in 1999: we are not taught to diagnose in our Chinese medical educations. Continue reading

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April 1st marks the opening of Our New Complimentary Medicine Clinic!

Constipation, weight gain, headaches, pain, acid reflux, acne. This list is endless. Our health history form should be called a “lack of health history form”. How depressing to list all your problems and then have someone go over it with a fine toothed comb! I was sick of all this NEGATIVITY and so were my co-workers. It is just so YIN! Continue reading

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New Blog and Websites

The old website was built initially in 1998 and was sort of a dionasaur Hello all, For the last month I have been holed up in front of my computer trying to learn the software I needed to recreate this … Continue reading

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