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Fourth Installment: Adding Xing Ren

I find this formula very useful for wet type asthma, pediatric asthma, allergic asthma, nasal allergies, food allergies with swelling and asthma and chronic bronchitis, especially when the face appears puffy. Continue reading

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Four Great New Courses

Today 4 new White Pine Institute courses are being launched.  These courses represent a range of what we are interested in here at the institute.  Below I go into some detail about the course on Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum and … Continue reading

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Part 2: Huang Huang on Gan Cao

As promised, this is part 2 of the presentation on Gan Cao.  I hope you all enjoy and benefit from this.  Don’t hesitate to leave comments and please remember that Dr. Huang Huang is coming to teach us at the … Continue reading

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Treating Children with Classic Formulas

This entry is written to inspire practitioners to participate in the upcoming weekend with Dr. Huang Huang.  He will be teaching on pediatrics.  I’ve been studying with Dr. Huang Huang for the last almost 4 years and there are ways … Continue reading

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Soma’s Pediatric Course

We just finished our three day weekend with Soma. This weekend inaugurated our pediatric series beautifully and it was such a pleasure to study with her. The first two days of the course were didactic and the third day we … Continue reading

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