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Guest Post: Raven Lang on Threatened Miscarriage

Raven Lang was a midwife before she was a practitioner of Chinese medicine.  My first introduction to Raven was through an article she wrote for Mothering Magazine on “Mother Roasting”.  I had considered and even pursued midwifery as a path … Continue reading

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Using The Finger Pulse During Birth

To continue on the theme of birthing, I was recently editing video from the last Graduate Mentorship Program.  The video I am currently working on is from the part of the program on pregnancy and labor. I was reminded about … Continue reading

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A Case of Difficult Birth

Here is another interesting case from Dr. Yuan Ming-Zhong 原明忠 of Shan Xi. As Dr. Yuan says below, most cases of difficult birth end up as cesarean sections.  In this case, the woman had an allergy to any type of … Continue reading

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Dr. Zhu Xiao-nan’s case on Fetus Failing to Develop

Dr. Zhu Xiao-nan was born in 1901 and spent much of his life working as a Doctor of Chinese medicine, focusing on gynecology and obstetrics. I decided to translate and post this particular case because it is informative from a … Continue reading

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Shang Han Lun Conference Review

At the end of April, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 3rd Annual Zeng Rongxiu Shang Han Lun conference in Portland Oregon.  It was very exciting to be there to study with Dr. Zeng who is … Continue reading

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