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Postpartum Care Continued…

In my clinic I have treated women who have contracted various illnesses, like fever, during the postpartum period. It is presupposed that one always differentially diagnoses in order to seek the cause and determines treatment upon examining the cause. At all times I pay attention to and give aid to the righteous Qi. Especially after the evil has retreated it is even more important to do such things as nourishing the blood and boosting the Qi, using banking up and supplementing methods. Continue reading

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An Inquiry into the Treatment Laws for Postpartum Illnesses

This post is a follow up to the last post was on insufficient lactation, including some more thoughts and teachings on the postpartum treatment of women with Chinese medicine. Continue reading

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Chinese Herbs for Lactation

Recently a practitioner posted a query on our Chinese medicine egroup wondering about a patient who suffered from insufficient lactation. It gave me the idea to post some interesting and very helpful material for this type of thing. Anyone working … Continue reading

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