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Warm the Kidney Yang with Cupping?

We also introduce a traditional Moroccan method for infertility based on the ability of cups to withdraw coldness from the uterus. Continue reading

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Feng Shi-Lun: Reeling the Silk and Unraveling the Cocoon

Dr. Feng’s approach to the Shang Han Lun is very practical and systematic. The course is organized to go through each of the 6 levels in depth and the material is replete with case studies from Dr. Feng and Dr. Hu Xi-Shu, complete with discussions and explanations. Continue reading

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April 1st marks the opening of Our New Complimentary Medicine Clinic!

Constipation, weight gain, headaches, pain, acid reflux, acne. This list is endless. Our health history form should be called a “lack of health history form”. How depressing to list all your problems and then have someone go over it with a fine toothed comb! I was sick of all this NEGATIVITY and so were my co-workers. It is just so YIN! Continue reading

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