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Fifth Formula Installment: Adding Da Huang

Moreover stomach heat surging into the face causing facial heat as if drunk is not the same as surging Qi with feather-warm heat as if drunk. The first is middle warmer Yang Ming heat and therefore bitter cold herbs should be used to purge. The later is a lower jiao surging Chong vessel illness. Therefore, one should use sour warm herbs to restrain in order to down bear. This must be differentiated. Continue reading

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Classic Formula Course

There is a saying that there is a difference between a good herbal treatment and a correct herbal treatment. We all can work at a level in which our patients do well enough on the herbs we give them. However, when we have had the experience of stumbling upon a truly accurate herbal formula and seeing our patient’s complex issues resolve almost magically, we get a glimpse into the true power of Chinese herbal medicine. Continue reading

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Case Study using líng gān wǔ wèi jiāng xīn ban xia xing ren tāng

Before going onto the final formula in this series, I want to share a case from my own practice that illustrates the wonderful effectiveness of this formula: I saw this patient for the second visit this week, the first visit … Continue reading

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Fourth Installment: Adding Xing Ren

I find this formula very useful for wet type asthma, pediatric asthma, allergic asthma, nasal allergies, food allergies with swelling and asthma and chronic bronchitis, especially when the face appears puffy. Continue reading

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Third Installment: Thirst due to cold?

Explaining the Symptom with What We Know for Sure: One must have a good understanding of physiology in order to do this well. Hence, we see thirst as simply the subjective sensation of wanting fluids in the mouth and then let the rest of the diagnosis explain why this is happening. Continue reading

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