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Bad Flu causes Scary Bleeding

This was an intense case in which the patient really did not want to go to the hospital. I had to both support this wish while making sure she was remaining safe. It is important to allow for the possibility that my skills may not be enough! I find it important to make agreements with patients in cases like this such as – after an agreed upon period of time or if symptoms get worse, they will go to the ER. Without this, I am not comfortable working with these kinds of crises. On the other hand, with this kind of clear communication, it is great to see what the herbs can do. Continue reading

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Why Classic Formulas?

Classic formulas are not just like other formulas! Fixed iPad link. Continue reading

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A Very Sad but Useful Case Study

I found this ever-so-interesting case study that was written around 1929. It can be seen that this doctor is a really good doctor and knew his stuff. However, he learns a lesson the hard way. We can also learn a lesson from his experience. I am also very touched by his relationship with his teachers and his integrity. Continue reading

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Late Stage Cancer and the 3 Yin Conformations

In addition, the long term use of intravenous fluids forces cold and damp into the interior.
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