Basing our conclusions on FACT.

If you want to know where I got my skepticism toward science from, check out this video interview of my late father, Joseph Weizenbaum (inverted Galileo).

In this video interview with TK television in Berlin, he gives irrefutable proof that, not only does the sun orbit the earth (duh!), but that the earth is actually flat.  What is this HOLD science has on us???  Like my father, I like to base my conclusions on what I see and experience for myself! You can see it below or on youtube

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3 Responses to Basing our conclusions on FACT.

  1. andrena bonte says:

    interesting to say the least. I am getting the point of seeing. don’t we see what we want to see? Again, we come back to conclusions.


  2. Oh Sharon, the video is fantastic! I loved it. ‘An insufficiency of Love’…seems like good wisdom.

  3. Jan Vanderlinden says:

    This video reveals the incredible dependence that we have now on given knowledge – the knowledge developed through western science. And also shows the fallacy in basing conclusions on what we see, if we consider what we see to be fact. Just what is there, is the obvious “fact” that the world is flat. It becomes round only when considered on a scale that can be measured only through extraordinary means. Sharon, you keep emphasizing just seeing what we see – which is in this instance that the world is flat. But I’m beginning to finally get another important thing you are emphasizing – seeing the mechanism behind things so that you can explain what you observe. I’m just beginning to get it. I appreciate so much the case studies you are presenting, I am really learning a lot by following your thought process. That is really what I am learning now- how to see, how to think and how to understand things from the point of few of Chinese medicine. My deepest appreciation to you! And your father was beautiful!

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