Si Ni San Drink

On our first day of class, Dr. Huang went into great depth about Si Ni San.  He talked about the presentation that matches Si Ni San and gave us a variety of useful modifications.  Just before lunch he taught us a recipe for patients to make at home that will have a similar action to Si Ni San.  Here is the recipe:

Lemon juice



Mei Gui Hua

The amounts of each ingredient can vary depending on the preferences of the person drinking.

Our garden here has a patch of lemon ginger mint so we poured some hot water of a mix of fresh lemon ginger mint and Mei Gui Hua and after it steeped we mixed in a lot of cold water, lemon and honey.  Everyone had a cup of this delicious drink.  We all agreed that someone should market this!  Yummy and relaxing.

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