How long will Dr. Feng video be available after class?

IMG_1481-150x150Dr. Feng will be teaching for 4 days in November.  This class will be live as well as live-streamed.  In addition, the class will be filmed and the video will be made available to participants for a full 5 months after the class.

This is really a most amazing opportunity.  Dr. Feng’s work clarifies and organizes the Shang Han Lun treatment strategies in the most helpful way I’ve yet to come across.  Of all the Classic Formula teachers I have studied with, and there have been quite a few, Feng Shi-Lun’s methods have had the most positive impact on my clinical abilities to date.  Dr. Feng’s interpreter is also a teacher in her own right and has a long term friendship and rapport with Dr. Feng which will add so much to the insight we gain and will make this weekend all the more fun.

For more information and to register go to

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Tiny Formulas 3: Xiǎo Bàn Xià Jia Fú Líng Tāng

FuLing1Our previous tiny formula posts were on formulas that are made up of Bàn Xià and Shēng Jiāng.  We learned that these formulas treat vomiting and cough and treat diseases such as stomach prolapse, vomiting in pregnancy, acute gastrointestinal inflammation and duodenal ulcer.  Shēng Jiāng is increased when there are more fluids.

In this next formula, Xiǎo Bàn Xià Jia Fú Líng Tāng, Fú Líng is added to  Xiǎo Bàn Xià Tāng.  How does the presentation change when Fú Líng is added.  Symptoms that appear in addition to the stomach rebellion symptoms are water rebellion symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, abdominal pulsations, inhibited urination and thirst without the desire to drink. Continue reading

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Date Correction for Dr. Feng’s Course!

closeup of a pencil eraser correcting an errorOops!  The dates for the course on Advanced Studies of the Classic Formulas are November 13-16.  It is a four-day course.  It is live as well as streamed and can be watched online after the course.

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News Flash! Feng Shi-Lun is coming!

Feng-Shi-Lun-Suzanne-picSave the Date!

White Pine Institute is so excited to announce an amazing seminar coming in November.   Professor Feng Shi-Lun, the primary disciple of the famous Dr. Hu Xi-Shu, is coming here to teach an advanced seminar on Classic Formulas of the Shang Han Lun.  This is an outstanding opportunity.  Not only will we have the benefit of Professor Feng Shi-Lun’s long experience, we also are so pleased that his student, Suzanne Robidoux, a teacher in her own right, is coming along as the interpreter.  There is a wonderful rapport and flow between the two of them

feng-shi-lunThe course will be held November 13-16, 2014.  It will be live as well as streamed live.  In addition, for students in other time zones and for students who may need to miss a day, the course will be filmed and available to registrants to view for 2 months after the close of the course.

Profesor Feng Shi-Lun’s approach to the classic formulas is extremely practical and helps us to mor precisely locate the level of our patient’s pathology and to identify the correct formula and modifications.  There is no doubt that practitioners will leave with enhanced clinical skills and effectiveness.

To find out more details about what will be covered in the course and to register, Click Here.

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Small Formulas 2: Shēng Jiāng Bàn Xià Tāng

There are some great teachings within the exploration of this next formula.  The ingredients, at first glance, seem to be exactly the same as Xiǎo Bàn Xià Tāng.  However, this formula uses the juice of ginger and, more importantly, has the opposite proportions from Xiǎo Bàn Xià Tāng.  Here there is double the ginger relative to the pinellia.  Xiǎo Bàn Xià Tāng has double the pinellia to the ginger.  So, what difference does this make?  To me, the lesson is – the more cold fluids there are in a stomach vomiting pattern, the more ginger you use.  If the fluids – meaning clear fluids like saliva or spittle – are abundant, use more ginger.  And, ginger juice is better for this than just fresh ginger.  The thicker or more diminished the fluids, the greater the proportion of Bàn Xià.   Continue reading

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Small Formula Series 1: Xiǎo Bàn Xià Tāng

6474782.bin_Some of the least known formulas in the Shang Han Lun, Treatise on Damage from Cold,
are  tiny, 2-herb formulas.  When I taught the course on Knotty Diseases, I was not surprised to find out that most practitioners did not know about the formula Gān Cǎo Gān Jiāng Tāng.  Perhaps the most commonly known 2-herb classic formula is Sháo Yao Gān Cǎo Tāng.  Jié Gěng Tāng and Zhī Zǐ Chǐ Tāng are also somewhat commonly known.

The wonderful benefit of studying these teeny tiny formulas is that they can teach us so much about how more complex formulas work.  For example, understanding Sháo Yao Gān Cǎo Tāng tells us so much about an aspect of Guì Zhī Tāng and especially Guì Zhī Jiā Sháo Yao Tāng.  This is true of Guì Zhī Gān Cǎo Tāng and Gān Cǎo Gān Jiāng Tāng.  We see that larger formulas are made up of the teeny tiny formulas.

So, I thought I would do a series Continue reading

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Upcoming Classes and Diagnosis Presentations

This past winter I traveled to 6 cities to teach a class on understanding physiology through classic formulas.  The 7th and final city in which I am going to teach this course is the city of my birth, San Francisco. This class will be live and streamed this weekend, May 3-4, 2014.  This tour has been very successful with about 200 students being able to attend the course so far.  I hope some of you can attend!
Recently I also taught two consequecutive Medigogy webinars online.  You can view the first part  on diagnosis here.  The second part will be available very soon.  This is all in preparation for the upcoming Graduate Mentorship Program 2014 which starts May 23rd, 2014.

You can see from this picture that we are all getting in shape for the course!

Please contact me if you have any questions about any of these courses.



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Engaging Vitality with Dan Bensky and Charles Chace

Hello Everybody, 

This is a reminder about an exciting course that will be taking place at White Pine Institute in just under two months.  The course is:
Jack Radner is organizing the course, and you can read the blog that he wrote about the course here:
There was also an article in the latest issue of the Lantern by the same title, “Engaging Vitality, An approach to more effective engagement of qi” written by Dan Bensky and Charles Chase. The article is available for purchase on the Lantern’s website,, and may be available through the White Pine Student Library Subscription.
So, if you are interested, the time to register is now!
We’re looking forward to seeing you in June.
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It’s April 1st! Spring is here!

I posted this article 2 years ago and got so many comments!  Quite a few people wanted me to sell them some of this herb.  One person scolded me for encouraging people to hike in the land around the Quabbin Reservoir.  It’s hard to believe that some people didn’t believe the information!

Can an herb actually improve a patient’s luck or Karma?  Let’s take a look at the amazing Giant Milky Milk Weed…..


This past autumn I had the chance to do some fascinating field research in Chinese herbology.  This is a picture of me climbing the giant milk weed near the shores of the Quabbin reservoir.  Treacherous as this work is…it is so worth it.

Continue reading

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Key Sign for Gui Zhi Gan Cao Tang

Most practitioners of Chinese medicine have learned to ask the 10 questions as the “asking” part of our diagnostic process.  We may go through the questions this way:

“how is your urination?
” fine.”

“how are your bowels?”
“fine.” etc.

However, as I have practiced and studied, I have learned that I will miss out on crucial information if I go through the questions this way.  I have to have in mind what I am trying to discover through asking the question.  When I ask about urination I am looking to see if water and heat are able to leave through the bladder properly.  When I ask a question in a more directive way, I discover that what some people consider “fine” is actually not so fine from my point of view.  So, for example, when I ask about urination I ask questions like “Do you ever have to pee but when you go, you have to sit there and wait for urination to begin to flow?”  or “Does your urine flow start and stop?”   You will be amazed at how many people have inhibited urination if you inquire a bit more deeply!

Continue reading

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