A Magical Experiential Formula from Dr. Qiu Xiao-Mei

An outstanding result with a simple experiential formula for healing tissue damage sustained during birthing.  (episiotomy, vaginal tears and cesarian section scars)

One of my main gynecology teachers was Dr. Qiu Xiao-Mei.  I studied with her in 1990 when I lived in Hang Zhou, PRC.  I have also translated her text entitled Qiu Xiao Mei’s Clinical Experience in Gynecology (裘笑梅妇科临床经验选). I’ve published material from this text in this blog but I primarily use the text as a teaching reference for students in the Graduate Mentorship Program.   In this text, Dr. Qiu shares some herbal formulas that she developed herself.  Her insight into herbs is astounding and sometimes magical.

A recent exchange with a student of mine inspired me to share information about one particular formula of hers.  Check out the results!

This is just one example of her creativity and effectiveness.  Her work is something to study and try to keep alive.

My student’s inquiry:

“I have never treated a case like this and would love some input.

A patient gave birth one month ago. She is having significant pain and bleeding
due to 4th degree tearing. She saw her OB/GYN yesterday who was unable to do an
internal exam because of the pain. The pain is sharp and feels ‘tight’. The
blood itself is light colored. initially there were clots but she has not seen
any lately. Continue reading

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Warm the Kidney Yang with Cupping?

White Pine Institute is hosting a unique teacher from Australia in May.  He is Bruce Bentley, a man who has devoted his life to traveling the world in the exploration and development of the ancient art of cupping.  He will teach his Three-day Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping twice so that he can keep the groups small and intimate.  In his own words “You will be taught with meticulous care.”  There are still a few spots in each weekend.  (May 3-5 and May 10-12) You will learn skills that will last you a life time.

“We also introduce a traditional Moroccan method for infertility based on the ability of cups to withdraw coldness from the uterus.”

Continue reading

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Feng Shi-Lun: Reeling the Silk and Unraveling the Cocoon

The 10-month course with professor Feng Shi-Lun is up and running.  I’m relieved that it all seems to be going well.  The course is designed in a rather unprecedented way in which students view course video, read specially translated course material and send any questions to professor Feng in China.  Well, it’s all been working smoothly!  We have a wonderful group of students and a great team of translators including Greta Young, author of The Shang Han Lun Explained.  Greta translates the students questions for Dr. Feng and then translates his answers back.  Thanks to Greta and Dr. Feng, the turn around time for questions has been very fast.

The video presentations are posted each month.  These presentations will stay up and available for the entire 10 months.  There will be a total of about 60 hours of course material.

The fact that the video stays available to students means that it’s not to late to join the course!

Click here if you are interested in this course.

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April 1st marks the opening of Our New Complimentary Medicine Clinic!

Our new clinic opens April 1! Here’s a picture of our receptionist (obviously a bit of an airhead!) Actually it is in the same place with the same people but our approach has expanded so much that we are considering it a brand new clinic.  It is now called White Pine Complementary Care Clinic!  We are very excited to expand what we are offering and are already seeing our results and popularity soar.

I’ve been interested in complimentary medicine for many years but somehow, the way I was educated did not seem to make room for it.  I had to really start thinking outside the box to come up with a way to implement this.

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Introduction to the 10-Month Jing Fang Course

As you may know, White Pine Institute is hosting a 10-Month online course with Professor Feng Shi-Lun, the primary disciple of the late famous Professor Hu Xi-Shu.  This is a very unique opportunity.  Some leaders in our field have already registered.   I am giving you a link to a short presentation that introduces the course, professor Feng Shi-Lun, a summary of his approach to classic formulas, the course content and an introduction to our wonderful team of translators who are working on the supplemental material for the course.
You will see the link in red on our course homepage:

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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Historical and Theoretical Foundations of the Shang Han Lun

There are many many ideas regarding the historical foundation of the Shang Han Lun as well as theories regarding its structure.   In this post, I want to introduce Professors Hu Xi-Shu’s and Feng Shi-Lun’s view on the historical threads and theoretical basis of the Shang Han Lun.

Cheng Wu-Ji

Historical basis for the Shang Han Lun: In his course on the Shang Han Lun, Professor Feng is very clear that the basis of Shang Han Lun theory is NOT the Neijing.  He and his illustrious predecessor, Professor Hu Xi-Shu and Feng Shi-Lun spent many years researching this.  The theory that links the Shang Han Lun with Nei Jing theory finds one of its main roots in a text written by Cheng Wu Ji in about 1156 AD.   This text, called伤寒明理论, Shāng Hán Míng Lĭ Lùn (A Clarification of the Theory of Shang Han), looks at the Shang Han Lun from a Neijing perspective and was extremely influential.  In the White Pine Institute course with Professor Feng he unequivocally states that this marriage of the Shang Han Lun with the Neijing is not correctContinue reading

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Shang Han Lun Beauty Treatments?


In preparation for the upcoming course with professor Feng Shi-Lun, I have been searching for interesting material to translate as part of the supplemental material for the course.  I found a paper that was written by a student of professor Feng about a course he had recently taught.  This course was a small gathering of eager students and, because of the size of the group, the atmosphere was informal with lots of questions, answers and discussion.  The student marvels at professor Feng’s generosity and love and skill with the classic formulas.  During this course, professor Feng presented many case studies.  To start, he offered the idea that Zhang Zhong-Jing was no stranger to the idea of cosmetology and that way back in the time the Shang Han Lun was put together, there was a consideration to helping people be more beautiful.

He presented different cases that related to beauty.  I’ve presented several of these rough translations below.  I hope it inspires some to take this unique course.  We have here: Continue reading

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Hu Xi-Shu’s Jing Fang approach to Asthma

This picture shows the relationship between the green wood element and the lungs (I hope!)  This is part of what Professor Feng Shi-Lun is talking about in this sample presentation.  He goes into depth regarding the importance of addressing excess presentations, especially blood stasis, in the treatment of asthma.  This material is taken from over 50 hours of material that make up his from his 10 month online course.  I plan to put up more of Professor Feng’s and Professor Hu Xi-Shu’s work in this blog.

I’ve been practicing and studying Chinese medicine for 30 years now.  I have found that my own continuous studying and searching for answers to clinical conundrums has always been worthwhile.  The feeling of having seriously delved into a deep study and then having the pay off in the clinic – marked by a sense of direct understanding and the treatment being clearly and quickly effective – is just so good.  Even addictive! Continue reading

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Case: Da Chai Hu Tang for Pneumonia

Announcing a 10-month course on Hu Xi-Shu’s understanding and clinical use of Shang Han Lun formulas with Professor Feng Shi-Lun

About a year and a half ago I traveled to Portland Oregon to attend the Shang Han Lun seminar with Dr. Zeng Rongxiu.  While there, I had the chance to share several lunches with Eran Evan.  I’ve mentioned Eran’s classical formula case study blog in my own blog previously.  On the way back to the conference from lunch one day Eran and I were talking about the treatment of cough.  Eran mentioned to me his work with Professor Hu Xi-Shu’s 胡希恕material.  He and Michael Max are translating Professor Hu’s Five Steps to Shang Han Treatment Based on Pattern Identification’ (方证相对:伤寒辨证论治五步), which should be out some time next year. Continue reading

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Postpartum Care Continued…

As promised, here is part 2 of postpartum care:

When I see a woman just after she has given birth I try to come with an open mind as to what the whole picture might look like.  As Dr. Qiu Xiao-Mei strongly asserts, we must address what we see and not jump to conclusions.  Careful diagnosis is of the utmost importance.  Appropriate care and treatment during the postpartum time can benefit the mother and child for years to come.  On the other hand, inaccurate diagnosis can cause problems with far ranging repercussions as well.  Of course in these kind of mixed excess/deficiency situations when so much is at stake one want to really make sure your diagnostic skills are precise and clear.  In good measure, this is the foundational focus of the upcoming White Pine Institute Graduate Mentorship Program. Without these skills, mixed patterns can be confusing and we may miss an opportunity to really help because our lack of confidence makes us over cautious.

During my asking diagnosis with a postpartum woman I pay special attention to the following: Continue reading

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