Working with Cancer Patients

A good percentage of my practice is with cancer patients.  Virtually all of these patients are seeing me in conjunction with their oncologist.  Over the 35 years I’ve been practising, I’ve developed a methodology that has been very beneficial for these patients.  I’ll say a bit about my approach here, and hopefully, it will encourage practitioners to consider attending the two-day seminar I am teaching on this topic next month  in Chicago.  The Illinois Association for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is streaming the seminar live for those far away from the windy city. In my early years, I practised completely differently than I do now.  My initial training was not in a Chinese medicine based on the classic text, Shang Han Lun, The Treatise of Damage from Cold.   I had been encouraged to treat diseases rather than patterns, and there was no lack of modern Chinese literature to tell me how to treat cancer.  There were long lists of herbs that had anti-neoplastic properties and methods for dissolving tumours.  It took years for me to really understand that my poor results were not due to a limit in Chinese medicine or my lack of applying my study.  The problem was that the paradigm I had been taught and was working with was not appropriate for my work with cancer patients. … Continue reading Working with Cancer Patients